Family Biographies

Tony Serio is an actor and GIAA member with over 20 years of experience on both sides of the camera and curtain as an actor,writer and photographer. He is as comfortable and knowledgeable backstage as he is onstage. Having been classically trained he has played roles in productions ranging from Shakespeare to Andrew Llyod Webber. Over his career, he has been in live TV productions, short films, various commercials and numerous videos (corporate and music). He currently studies the Eric Morris method of acting and is always striving to hone his chosen craft in all regards.

Tony is also well travelled and culturally diverse having served in the US Navy for six years, travelled extensively in Asia and Europe for both personal and professional reasons, studies world religions and cultures and has a degree in Criminal Justice and International Affairs. He is fluent in German and is currently studying Japanese to further his personal aspirations and professional craft. He is very involved in many causes from worker’s rights and child welfare issues to arts in primary education and women in media. His personal passions and hobbies that he enjoys include archery, Iyengar yoga, world religious studies and soccer (the latter of which he is a licensed Referee and Coach).

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